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Digital Marketing

We Offer Digital Marketing Services

Whether your business is a start-up, an existing enterprise or a massively grown empire; it doesn’t matter if you provide hospitality care, or essential products, financial services or even real estate, there’s always a room for you on the streets of the digital world.

Covid-19 has proved to us over and over again, that businesses will thrive in this age if there’s a rich knowledge and application of internet and online based digital technologies to businesses. Growing a business is beyond having a smart quality product or services. It practically includes strategies built to acquire, engage, grow and retain customers who would turn brand ambassadors, and on the long run, promote the company.

However, the lack or deficiency of the knowledge of digital marketing tools, when to apply them, how to apply them and how to measure results is the key to failure of digital marketing strategies and can cost the business not just it’s loyal customers but prospective clients and partners. Hence, the need to be equipped with these growing knowledge.

Basic Digital Marketing Plan with Phidconng

Basic Plan
Our Basic plan delivers you the best advert plans to push and boost your brand via Facebook ads, Instagram ads and WhatsApp marketing.

Intermediate Digital Marketing Plan with Phidconng

Intermediate Plan
It offers you, in addition to ads, marketing strategies & plans for you and your business via email marketing and marketing funnels.

Premium Digital Marketing Plan with Phidconng

Premium Plan
Our Premium Plan delivers you the best customer acquisition services through Ads and in addition, and Advanced Facebook brand marketing strategy.


Invest in yourself by enrolling to any of our digital marketing course modules today.

At Phidcon, we do not only teach you, we train and mentor you through the process of digital marketing strategies and customer acquisition techniques to make your business stand out.

Are you a corps member, a student or a young school leaver? Do you have a teachable spirit? Are you willing to move with the forward train? Then, our digital marketing and customer acquisition classes are for you. It’s no more news that the internet is our new normal. Talk to us today, our courses and services are best suited just for you.

COURSE 1 Facebook Ads

  • Setting up your ads account
  • Facebook Ads overview
  • How Facebook ads work
  • How to create Facebook ads
  • Accessing Facebook data audience insight
  • Detail targeting on Facebook
  • Implement best practices

COURSE 2 Instagram Ads

  • Marketing your business on Instagram
  • Developing a marketing strategy for Instagram
  • Implement your Instagram marketing campaign
  • Marketing with Instagram stories
  • Fine-tune your Instagram content

COURSE 3 WhatsApp Marketing

  • How to market on WhatsApp effectively
  • Creating video ads that convert on
  • How to monetize your WhatsApp
  • The don’ts of WhatsApp
  • List of WhatsApp influencers with their
  • Ad copy for WhatsApp
  • How to generate more engagement for WhatsApp

COURSE 4 Creating Social media graphics

  • Introduction to Canva
  • Using rule of third
  • Typography
  • Designing Logos using Canva
  • Designing books and magazines
  • Templates for social media branding and posts
  • Design for flyers
  • Design letters, resumes and more.

COURSE 5 The Marketing Funnel

  • Marketing funnel basics
  • Market funnel segments
  • The buyer’s journey
  • A marketing sequence
  • Moving through the funnel
  • Improving funnel performance
  • Evolving the funnel
  • Convey belt strategy

COURSE 6 Email Marketing

  • What a landing page
  • How to design a landing page
  • Sales funnel
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Creating your campaign
  • An effective drip campaign
  • Building your mailing list

COURSE 7 Branding

  • Understanding branding
  • Defining the brand
  • Positioning the brand
  • Expressing the brand identity
  • Communicating the brand – internally
  • Communicating the brand – externally
  • Measuring brand performance value

COURSE 8 Advanced Facebook Ads

  • Flex targeting
  • Manage ads and campaign
  • Facebook pixel
  • Custom audience
  • Re-targeting on Facebook
  • Spit testing on Facebook using test and learn
  • Dynamic ads
Invest in yourself by enrolling to any of our digital marketing course modules today. Take advantage and have a chat with our representative to enroll.

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