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Marketing 101 with ADP

Marketing 101 with ADP - Phidconng.com

In this article, I will be discussing important basics and fundamental things you need to know before you begin to market!. Let’s get along with the ride as it is going to be super interesting.

…I don’t push my products and services to people’s face, rather I push forward what I can offer. I give them value! I know that my products are good but instead of asking them to buy my products I educate them on what my product can do and with time they will ask me about it…

CHAPTER ONE: Why marketing and what is a market?

CHAPTER TWO: Penetrating a new market

CHAPTER THREE: The psychology of the market

CHAPTER FOUR: Logic in Marketing:

CHAPTER FIVE: Marketing Plan

CHAPTER SIX: Marketing channel

CHAPTER SEVEN: Branding and packaging

CHAPTER EIGHT: Advertisement and Niche

CHAPTER NINE: Marketing dynamics

CHAPTER TEN: How not to sell as a marketer!


CHAPTER ONE: Why marketing and what is a market?

Ever wondered why MTN sends you messages reminding you of their products and services? Airtel will even call you!

One day as I sat down relaxing in my house, I decided to watch TV; a funny and amazing scene hit my face. Right on my TV connected to a DSTV decoder, the same company (DSTV) advertising DSTV (the same products we’re currently using)to we the viewers!

The first question in my mind was this: ‘Why are you telling me to use what I am already using?’ What is the point? Why use marketing, even as a big and known brand?

Yet, they keep marketing to us, re-marketing us and stay on us with marketing! Bringing new tactics and methods daily to market us! The question will be why marketing?

Marketing is the act of telling people what you sell in a way they will understand.

This is my own personal definition. It is very possible to market products to people in a way they will never understand. So to me, marketing is telling people to buy from you in the way they understand.

Before we go deep into marketing, let’s talk about market itself.

What is a market?

Google will give you different definitions, but ADP will say this:

Market means people. Anywhere human lives that is where market is! When I see people I see market! People are the market! Any location, anyplace, any angle with people there is market there. NYSC camp is a market! A department in school is a market! My church or mosque is a market! My place of work is a market! My street people are a market! My village is a market! My gym is a market! My farm is a market! My community is a market!

What am I saying exactly? Anywhere I can see people I make up my mind and say there is a market here.

What I need do is to look for a product that goes with that market. We will talk more on that when discussing niche and market identification.

So now we have the perfect understanding that people are the market. Now that we know what a market is, let us connect it to marketing. We can now say that;

Marketing is a system of telling the market to buy from me in a way the market will understand…

From here we will now talk about the need for the marketing itself.

Marketing a bad product with much noise will sell better than a good product without noise!

Why do English players get all the focus? The hype in England is too much. Even though all the stars are in LaLiga but English noise can kill your life.

They can hype anything and sell to LaLiga, yet LaLiga has quality but they lack the noise!

Marketing begins with you!

I don’t know why on earth you should stop talking about what you do. So you need marketing for people to know what you do. You need to talk about how you do it, when and where you do them.

If DSTV keeps talking to DSTV users on DSTV, you should know that the matter is not a joke!

You just have to market your product, talk and talk about it.

How to go about marketing will be discussed later because you need to understand how to sell in a professional way.

Not all those amateur methods of selling.

So let’s move on to: You as a marketer

You as a marketer simply mean the onus is on you as the one selling a product,

As a marketer, the very first thing to know is the logic and basis of marketing.

When it comes to selling online products in Nigeria, I respect the following people:

_Mr Stephen Akintayo_

_Seyi Omotosho_

_Olorunshola Emmanuel_

_Chris Ani_

_Akin Alabi_


I follow these people and my mind was opened the more. They understand one key about the market they are facing and that is the logic behind all market.

What is this logic? No one is ready to buy from you. It’s funny right? Why should I keep selling if no one is ready to buy from me?

The mindset that the market is a logic market helped them to prepare emotional approach to the market! MTN knows that the market is a logical market yet sells via emotion. DSTV knows the logics of the market yet sell using emotions.

They don’t sell logic to you but emotions. If you can get this well you will open any market.

Take for instance, see these two approaches

First Approach:

‘Hey guys, I have this perfume that last for 6 hours, come and buy from me it’s just 5k.’ first comes first serve!

Second Approach:

Hey bro, don’t allow that babe run away again this weekend. There is a perfume I used recently, and the fragrance lasted for 6 hours. I can still perceive it till now; you want to keep your fiancee, I think it’s nice you get one for yourself. You can get it for 5k if you are interested.

Look at those two approaches very well, both of them are marketing. But second person will do more than the first person. He has passed a message across that will attack the heart of the reader!

The reader can picture himself in that situation. For this reason he tends to buy.

Remember, the buyer did not plan to buy from either of them initially. But one of them was able to change his mind so that he can buy.

You need to understand this first before we move on with this lecture.

It must be at the back of your mind always that this market is not logical. If you get that as the basic thing, it will be easier for you to understand the whole concept of marketing.

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