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Secure the Future with Phidcon

Let’s help you invest
your money into the future.

Are you aware, that the future is closer than you think? Do you even know that today would become tomorrow’s yesterday? Have you thought about the growing responsibilities we encounter as human just as we grow? Do you know that if you don’t prepare for the future, it would bounce on you unexpectedly and can throw you off your balance?
Now that you know, what do you do? Are you a Smith or a Taylor?

Mr. Taylor worked for fifteen years as a business development executive of one of the reputable firms in town. His earnings was in 6-figures monthly, and he really could be said to be a big boy – he was living big! Mr. Taylor did save some of his money in a bank account, but was not interested in any form of investment. He spent his earnings as it came, thinking his job was secured and could take care of his future bills and goals.

Mr. Smith on the other hand, was a sports instructor for a gym center, and his earnings was barely close to a 6-figure. He struggled between having a 5-figure and a six, but understood the importance of investing in profitable place and with profitable traders.
Who’s richer? I guess you would be quick to say Mr. Taylor. Permit me to shock you.
Mr. Smith turned out richer and gained more financial stability than Mr. Taylor did. Mr. Taylor lost his job, and couldn’t enroll his children in the best school he dreamt of.

What made the difference? Mr. Smith decided to sail the ship of his future on safe waters. He understood that as he grew older, his relevance in the workforce might reduce, and his responsibilities will definitely increase. He also knew that saving his money only, and not putting it into profitable use will only make him look more like the third of the servants in the popular parable of the unprofitable servant that saved his master’s talents under the earth.

At age 50, Mr. Taylor surprised at the feat his friend had performed, knowing fully well that he wasn’t earning as much as he did, yet could boast of more properties and a secured education for his children; decided to ask him to show him the way.
In Mr. Smith’s words, “… I made the hay while the sun was shining. I had always dreamt of building well-furnished duplexes, educating my three kids in the best school in town and owning a mall in honour of my late wife, and this and many more I’ve done for myself.” A curious you would ask how he achieved this. Smith further explained how he did not just stop at saving a good portion of his earnings early enough, but how he gathered the savings and secured his future by investing right.
Investing right?

Yes! There’s such thing as investing, and there’s another, as investing right. Does Smith and Taylor’s story resonate with you? Do you think you’ve lost the opportunity to secure your future?
If you think the answer is yes, at Phidcon, we say ‘No!’ Stumbling upon this sight by accident or intentionally, we’ve got your back!

Do you want to achieve your financial goals, and don’t know how to? You want to build a house?
Purchase an essential equipment for your business, start a project, buy landed properties, build a house or educate your children? All of these can be catered for beyond your earnings. How?
Because we’re committed to your financial stability and because we want to see you achieve your goals and live a good life, we offer you an amazing investment plans that allows you to invest into your future and prepare ahead as you go.
Secure the future is an investment plan that helps you to invest your money into the future, grow your funds to reach certain target and achieve your financial and life goals. This plan helps you to invest, grow your funds and one of its key features is that we ensure you achieve your set goals with your grown funds.

Secure the future helps you to use your grown funds from your investment with us to realize your dreams and make a good living. With Secure the future, we can help you build your dream house, send your children to school, start your business, get you back to school for a higher degree or further study as well as purchase properties. There’s so much more you can do with this plan.


How does it work?

Let’s assume our smart friend Mr. Smith invests one million Naira with us in a year, while we work tirelessly to grow the funds. At the end of the year, his funds grows at 45%. This means Mr. Smith now has an extra four hundred and fifty thousand Naira. With this grown funds, he can request that we build him a house, or we sponsor his last daughter’s education.
It’s important to state, that this is not a Ponzi or get-quick-money scheme. Rather, it’s an investment plan in which your money in form of your invested capital works for you.
In today’s world with a shaky economy and the growing rate of job insecurity, this is one sure way to secure your future and ensure you don’t get stranded. Secure the future investment plan is your right bet, as it takes care of your tomorrow, beginning from today. The earlier you start the better.
Be a smart Smith. Reach out today, and let’s help you invest into your future. If you can dream it, invest into it, then, you can achieve and secure it. Be future smart!

Secure the Future with Phidcon

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